Techniques  For eLearning Courses 

This article is going to deal with the instructional design tips meant for enhancing custom learning courses. These are the good features associated with the eLearning system.

Using meaningful images

The use of images in design cannot be underestimated. Images play a major role in imparting the emotional impact. The practice of using the right images in any design helps in significantly supporting the content of the website. For instance, you can opt to use a series of images rather just relying on the structured bullet points. Clip art images can also serve the same purpose as the photos. In short, the powerful images used are very helpful in triggering the emotions of different people.

Use of templates

The templates used should not distract the users. They are also not meant for decoration only. These templates should be designed in such a way that they do not distract the learners, but they should allow them to focus more on the relevant contents.


One should avoid focussing on the distractive elements. A bad template is more likely to discourage the learners from visiting your website.

Using colours

The use of colours is very important in any design. The use of the right colours can help in triggering the emotions of the targeted audience. You are encouraged to take advantage of the soft backgrounds. Dark colours should be used for the text. Besides, the use of several colours should be avoided. Try to utilize just a few colours which would be more appealing for your learners.

Presentation of your content

The entire content should not be presented on one side. Instead, you are advised to present your content in the form of slides. This is the best way of presenting your content especially if it is voluminous.

White space

White content and space are equally important. All the white space should not be filled with content. The white spaces are very important as they allow someone to present his ideas in the best way possible.


Mismatch of colours and themes is very common in people with have poor or little design experience. This might make the learners become confused or lose focus. The experienced eLearning developers are known for using one colour pattern when they are guiding their learners. Apart from this, fonts and backgrounds are also important in the eLearning courses. Actually, the aim of this course is to motivate the learners, and it should, therefore, be very effective.