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    Choosing the right pillow for better sleep

    There are a lot of people who suffer from insomnia; they can hardly fall asleep. Some studies say that is because you have too much on your mind and your mind won’t shut down. This could be some of the reason, however, if you could find a comfortable spot in bed, maybe your mind would shut down faster.

    A lot of people will spend a lot of money for a bed, why not get a good pillow as well? One reason for insomnia is pain and inability to rest because of the pillow you are using.

    Body pillow

    1You can get a body pillow that will fit the length of your body. You will have to tell them your height, and they will make you one. This will give you the feeling of safety when you wrap yourself around your body pillow.

    Foam pillow

    They will form your neck just like the bed forms your body. When your head stays in the same form as your neck, it will give you the right support with your shoulders. The idea of this is to keep your natural form. Most people will sleep with their heads above their shoulders. This is where you will cause pressure, and when you have pressure, there will be pain. This is why you can’t fall asleep.


    If you are unable to wash your pillow, you will start to get brown circles underneath. This will be very unattractive to you and to others. With a foam pillow, you can wash them by hand or even in a washer.


    Most people go for cheap pillows that are made out of cotton; they run about 8.00 to 15.00 dollars. They do make some that are larger in size; they can cost up to 50.00 dollars. If you compare the feather pillow’s cost over a memory foam, you will pay more for the feather pillow.

    A memory foam pillow is lighter in weight and will support your neck and spine better than any other pillow that they have on the market today. Most pillows will absorb the heat from your head, but if you are using a foam pillow, you will stay cooler so you can get the proper sleep.


    Fit guide

    Most pillows don’t offer a size that will fit your neck and head. With my pillow fitting guide, you will learn how to choose the right one according to your body size.…