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    Best grooming practices for cats

    Cats are favorite pets in common household today since they are tidy and actively engage their owners. Though the cats spend most of the time grooming themselves, it is important however to seek professional human assistance to ensure that they get the best grooming. Different types of cats have different fur characteristics with most have either long or short fur or nails.  Therefore, in ensuring that cats get the best grooming, the following practices are most recommended;

    Best practices



    Cats should often be bathed to remove body odor. Using mild shampoos recommended by pet groomers enables the cat owner to easily remove the pet’s dirt that may have accumulated during its activity in the household. Moreover, with the assistance of professional cat groomers, the pet receives a nice warm bath complimented with a massage that ensures that its body organs are properly functioning. Moreover, it is done using lukewarm water to avoid using cold water that might expose it to fevers or hot water that might burn it.

    Hair brushing

    Cats are fond of grooming their fur or hair whether long or short. Therefore, giving them an extra attention makes them feel pampered and pretty. Hence, using expert pet grooming services, a cat can receive the best brushing that ensures that it does not swallow hairballs that may clog its digestive system making it seek. Moreover, a professional groomer gives the proper recommendation on the range of brushes, gloves or combs to use when trimming and brushing cat hair.

    Nail clipping

    Ensuring that a pet cat has the right length of nails is important especially for indoor cats. This ensures that they comfortably undertake their daily duties without straining or the likely occurrence of a split which may be painful. Moreover, with well-clipped nails, it becomes possible to minimize the exposure to scratching or spoiling of furniture. Hence, using professional services to ensure that nail clipping is done at regular intervals ensures that the cat remains healthy and avoids likely injury to the cat or the owner.

    Teeth cleaning


    A pet cat needs to feel appreciated and loved hence regular teeth cleaning go a long way in gaining the loyalty of the pet. Teeth cleaning by brushing ensure that the pet’s teeth a white free from tartar or decay that may occur from accumulation of rotting food particles. Moreover, it assists to improve the cat’s breath. Also, teeth cleaning in cats assist in protecting the gum ensuring that it is healthy.…