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Fr Sudac Prayer Cards
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Medjugorje Magazine is Published Quarterly by:

Epiphany Formation, Inc.
317 West Ogden Avenue
Westmont, IL 60559.

New Subscriptions and Renewals

  • Four Big Full Color Issues Per Year
  • Read Our Lady's latest messages and stories on the visionaries.
  • Keep up on all the latest news from Medjugorje and Bosnia.
  • Don't miss the spiritually and emotionally moving stories.
  • Enjoy reading all the "exclusive" feature articles and columns.
  • See the fantastic color photography and artwork in every issue!
  • Get information on all the Marian conferences being planned.

  • New Subscription within the US - $18.00

    Subscription Renewal within the US - $18.00

    Canada and Mexico - $25.00 (US Dollars)

    International - $30.00 (US Dollars)

    Gift Subscriptions can be given during ordering by specifying a different ship to address.

    Fall 2015
    Special Gift Rate For Bishops, Priests, and Religious

    "It's the best way you can share Medjugorje with them."
    - Monsignor Francis Friedl

    Subscriptions within the US - $15.00     

    St. Bridget Twelve Year Prayers on Jesus’ Wounds and Precious Blood

    NEW! Now Available in Spanish Los Doce Ańos de Oraciones de Santa Brígida en la Pasión de Jesús.

    Now over 170,000 SOLD! The orders continue to flood in. People order one and then order 10 or 25 more for friends. For those of you who are new subscribers, Jesus gives promises to the soul who prays them: 1. The soul who prays them suffers no Purgatory. 2. Will be accepted among the Martyrs, as though they had spilled their blood for their faith. 3. Can chose three others whom Jesus will then keep in a state of grace sufficient to become holy. 4. Will be made conscious of their death one month in advance. 5. No one in the four successive generations of the soul who prays them will be lost.

    Seven prayers to Mary on her seven sorrows are also included, with those great promises. Saying the twelve Jesus prayers and the seven Mary prayers takes only ten minutes. Pray them for your children and grandchildren, to save their souls. Click Here for More Info!

    This lovely flyer is 17.5" wide and 8.5" deep. It comes folded in four panels and is laminated for durability.


    English $3.00ea (Includes Shipping)


    Spanish $3.00ea (Includes Shipping)

    Life And Mission Of Father Zlatko Sudac

    The stories in this special issue are all of Father Zlatko Sudac's life and mission, taken from seven back issues of the magazine. They are words from the retreat days he gave in Chicago and other places across the United States several years ago. Some of you have seen and heard him, some of you will never be given that opportunity, but you will be comforted and helped spiritually by his powerful words. Also learn how he received the stigmata. We continue to pray that Father Sudac, from Croatia, will one day soon be allowed to return and speak again in our country.

    1 issue: $3.00 plus $1.40 shipping           
    5 issues: $13.75 plus $2.00 shipping       
    10 issues: $25.00 plus $2.50 shipping     
    25 issues: $56.25 plus $6.75 shipping     
    50 issues: $100.00 plus $9.25 shipping   
    100 issues: $175.00 plus $15.25 shipping

    Fr. Sudac Prayer Card

    Father's picture is on the front, with his prayer of surrender on the back. Laminated.

    1 Card – $.85 (send stamped self-addressed envelope)    
    5 Cards – $2.50 (send stamped self-addressed envelope)   
    10 Cards – $5.25 (send envelope with 2 stamps)   
    25 Cards – $10.85 (Includes Shipping)    
    50 Cards – $18.50 (Includes Shipping)    
    100 Cards – $31.95 (Includes Shipping)  

    Back Issues of "Medjugorje Magazine"

    Issue 40 - Summer 2000Mirjana$4.00
    Issue 58 - Spring 2005Mary, Queen of the Universe$4.00
    Issue 62 - Spring 2006Hill of Prayer$4.00
    Issue 70 - Summer 2008Justice Greg Hobbs' Jr. Story$4.00
    Issue 71 - Fall 2008Our Lady of Lourdes, St. James$4.00
    Issue 72 - Winter 2008Crowned Blessed Mother$4.00
    Issue 75 - Fall 2009Crowned Blessed Mother$4.00
    Issue 79 - Fall 2010Fr. Zlatko Sudac$4.00
    Issue 86 - Summer 2012Icon Painting of Madonna & Child$4.00
    Issue 87 - Fall 2012Fr. Victor Chaker$4.00
    Issue 88 - Winter 2012Our Lady of Happy Endings$4.00
    Issue 89 - Spring 2013Fr. Mark McCormick$4.00
    Issue 90 - Summer 2013Divine Mercy on the High Seas$4.00
    Issue 91 - Fall 2013The 25 Year Vocation Story$4.00
    Issue 92 - Winter 2013Pro-Life Madonna$4.00
    Issue 94 - Summer 2014Angela's Story, & Mary's House$4.00
    Issue 95 - Fall 2014"Walking Miracle"$4.00
    Issue 96 - Winter 2014St. James at Night$4.00
    Issue 97 - Spring 201525th Anniversary of Medjugorje Magazine$4.00
    Issue 98 - Fall 2015Medjugorje from Apparition Hill$4.00
    Price Includes Shipping. Please contact us for Shipping Costs For International Orders

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