Choosing a construction defect lawyer

Home investment is hefty in terms of the workload and the resources employed throughout the acquisition process. This being a long-term investment, most investors will have no problem putting in as many resources as they can. However, this does not cushion your home from some of the construction defects that are bound to occur. Therefore you have to strive to protect your household from defects such as toxic mold in order to ensure ultimate safety. Also, you need to learn a thing or two about construction law and real estate covenants so that you are inhibited from incurring repairs that you are not responsible for.

Building a house is a tremendous responsibility that will involve various parties, and therefore construction defects are common. Most times this hazardous defects will cause the value of your home to deteriorate hence the need to seek legal representation to minimize such costs. Basically, construction defects are firmly rooted in defective work materials or a faulty design. Florida Stucco Lawyers ensure that you recover against parties that were involved in sourcing construction materials, manufacturing, and design work. If a person is injured due to the toxic mold then the attorney will go after the architects, contractors, and subcontractors. In this regard, you ought to consider the following tips when choosing a construction defects attorney.

Insurance knowledge

In essence, construction defect matters are beleaguered with complex insurance claims. In this regard, it is important to seek the services of an attorney that is equipped with excellent knowledge in insurance law. The attorney must be experienced in handling insurance claims so that he is able to predict and initiate suitable outcomes. Your attorney ought to understand the insurance policies in the market as well as the legal implications thereto.

Settlement experience

Homeowners and developers prefer to resolve construction defects disputes outside the courts’ perimeters. Therefore it is imperative to hire an attorney that is experienced and skilled in the initiation of court negotiations. The attorney holds different arbitral meetings to negotiate settlements that are aggregable between contracting parties.


In civil litigation, you need an advocate that has an extensive team of professionals to offer you a variety of services whenever the need arises. Construction defect cases are multidimensional, and therefore you need to hire a law firm that is multifaceted so that your concerns and interests are addressed in a timely manner. A lawyer that is always overworked and distracted with other clients will undoubtedly affect your case negatively.